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Talking to God

A Jewish woman rediscovers her faith through friendship with an elderly Baptist neighbor whose mission is to save the lost... dumpster-diving cats.

George in the Sky

A disabled man and his teddy bear are reunited through misadventures with the criminal justice system.

Wild Blue

Climate change goes so horribly wrong that blue balls of lightning are spawning everywhere and it's Peace MacKenzie's job to stop them. Except there is no stopping them.

Stick Witches

A little girl stumbles upon a crime and gets help solving it from an unlikely source.

The Heart of War

A married couple skirmish when a large, mysterious crate appears on their front lawn.

The Adventures of Cap'n Pussyfoot

"The Accursed Island" is the first in a series of adventures featuring a feline pirate and his crew, and a wizard who's a real rat.

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